When Should You Start Marketing your Startup or Product?

Marketing Launch

When is the Right Time to Start Marketing? Is It Already Too Late?

This is a hotly debated question in Marketing and Startup arenas. Some argue that initially focus should be on product development/market research, etc. with traditional marketing activities left for later, once there is already a product to launch, advertise, and a brand to build. Expenses must be minimized, so Marketing will have to wait. However, others believe Marketing plays a pivotal role in guiding product development while laying the groundwork for future marketing activities and cutting these expenses is shortsighted.

For maximum benefit, it’s never too early to start marketing your startup. By involving marketing from the early stages you can benefit from experienced professionals who have been part of successful product launches and knows what steps to take to ensure the launch is successful and maximize exposure.

From the early days of your company, it’s important to build a consistent brand that will resonate with your audience. You want to make sure that you are building a successful brand that will be recognized and respected in the market. By involving Marketing early, you will be best prepared to set your company up for success.

More than having a ‘cool’ name for your business, you must deeply understand your market, competition, and the value and the differentiators you will provide based on your targeted segment of the market. Marketing professionals can help guide you through these hurdles and ensure that product being developed is consistent with the story you are telling as a business.

By starting early, you also benefit from momentum. Much of Marketing is like marathon training. With running, you must consistently train and stick to your schedule to achieve your goal. Similarly, with Marketing, you must consistently produce content, communications, brand awareness and other Marketing activity that continues to build momentum. Waiting too long to begin building your momentum will leave you chronically behind other entrants struggling to catch up.