When Should You Start Marketing your Startup or Product?

Marketing Launch

When is the Right Time to Start Marketing? Is It Already Too Late? This is a hotly debated question in Marketing and Startup arenas. Some argue that initially focus should be on product development/market research, etc. with traditional marketing activities left for later, once there is already a product to launch, advertise, and a brand to build. Expenses must…

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Is It Better to Attach to An Established Category, or Create a New Category?

Innovative Idea for Growth

How unique does your product/service have to be to establish a new category? When new companies establish products or services, they usually look to do something new or different from other players in the industry. Every company believes that what they do is somehow unique (and better) than other alternatives. This is the basis for the unique selling proposition…

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Creating Predictable Growth

What is predictable growth? How can you create predictable growth in your business? Small companies often start to grow haphazardly. The product or services comes on the heels of an initial inspiration – perhaps an identified gap in the market or perhaps an initial customer request to build a custom solution. At the start, it might be easy to…

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